Wetlands Restoration Project

In March 2022, the wetlands adjacent to The ROCK became part of the Rock's site.
These wetlands, spanning four acres along a stream that used to nourish vibrant wildlife species in the Westerly Ridge, had been severely disturbed by a prior developer and later abandoned.
In April 2022 we started planning the wetlands' restoration and conservation. The plan, developed with the support of soil conservationists Lydia Brown and Oscar Velez-Juarbe at the USDA/NRCS, will start with the soil preparation and the reconditioning of the stream and its springs, to then continue with the seeding of native grasses and shrubs to prevent further erosion and growth of invasive species. We hope the wetlands will be soon ready to be once again the proper habitat for birds, bees, monarch butterflies, deer, and countless other species looking for room and board in this region of the Hudson Valley.

*This is a non-for-profit endeavor. We are accepting donations (financial contributions, seeding supplies, expertise, and labor; all welcome.)
To donate and become part of this project email us at eco@therockattheridge.com

Thank you Steve Rooney, Lydia Brown and Oscar Velez for engineering this plan.

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