Healing Arts at
The ROCK Center

The ROCK Center will be offering Arts and Dance Therapy as part of its Wilderness Therapy Programs.
For more information contact us at eco@therockattheridge.com

The Link between the Arts , Health and Healing

The healing arts are being incorporated more and more into healthcare as research demonstrates their positive impact on patient satisfaction with the healthcare experience and on health outcomes for a wide variety of health conditions.  

Studies show that they can help patients with their physical, mental and emotional recovery on many levels, particularly by relieving anxiety and decreasing pain. By reducing stress and loneliness and providing opportunities for self-expression, the healing arts can be a healing tool to improve a hospital environment. At a time when patients may be fearful and uncertain about their health or undergoing medical interventions, the gentle, personal attention given by practitioners of the healing arts can be especially beneficial. 

Patients receiving these therapies often report higher satisfaction with their overall medical care, emphasizing the expansion of treatment options, caring interactions with providers, increased self-care skills, and an enhanced sense of empowerment. Studies also indicate that healing arts and integrative therapies can fill gaps in treatment effectiveness, particularly for patients with complex, chronic health conditions and those seeking health promotion and disease prevention.

What are the healing Arts?

The healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. Traditional healing arts include music, art, dance/movement, poetry/writing, and drama therapies. These approaches combine artistic expression with psychological awareness and communication, and are led by therapists experienced in both areas.

In addition to the traditional healing arts, there are many other forms of expression, connection and self-development that can play a key role in health. These can be practiced with the guidance of a teacher or therapist, but can also be incorporated into your life on your own to gain enrichment, self-awareness, and pleasure. 

Other healing practices

Mind-body therapies such as guided imagery, biofeedback and hypnosis can help us learn how to de-stress and control physiological functions such as blood pressure and heart rate. 

 All these approaches have been shown to have a positive impact on improving health, coping with illness, supporting caregivers, and enhancing healthcare environments.