Land Restoration and Conservation Project * 

*Approved and partially funded by the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NCRS) of the US Department of Agriculture

The ROCK  is engaged in the restoration and conservation of the surrounding land. Its 13 acres aim at remaining a wildlife habitat for the hosting  of many native animals, insects, pollinators and botanical species. A wetlands portion of it is irrigated by a gentle stream subsidiary of the larger Webutuck creek,  and is being restored for optimal survival of the wilderness species in the area.
The restoration and conservation plan has been developed with the support of soil conservationists at the USDA/NRCS, started in October 2022 with the soil and streams reconditioning, followed by the seeding  of native grasses and shrubs to prevent further erosion and growth of invasive species. Summer 2023 finds the wetlands as a vibrant, buzzing habitat for birds large and small, butterflies, deer, and countless other species needing a natural habitat in this region of the Hudson Valley.

Fireflies Sanctuaries and Butterfly Stations

The conservation of the land, unreated by pesticides and rarely mowned,  has permitted the natural development of two fireflies sanctuary and several monarch and other butterfly stations. We have declared milkweed plants as the sacred plant of the land. They have priority over all other species and we watch very closely for pests of competing plants that could compromise its propagation.

*This is a non-for-profit endeavor. We are accepting donations (financial contributions, seeding and equipment supplies, expertise, and labor; all welcome!)
To donate and become part of this project email us at 

morel mushroom / shrooms in wetlands
restoration plan